A Nu Retrouvez-vous

【Please read before making your reservation】
* When more than 5 people have made a reservation, please inquire in the call.
* When more than 6 people have made a reservation, the course will be a chef's special. Please accept it beforehand.
(You can choose the course charge.)
* We cannot accommodate children, except four people private rooms at the lunch time.
* If you want to select the seats, please inquire in the telephone.
* If you need to change or cancel the reservation, please contact us by the day before.

▼ Dear the visitor who comes from the foreign countries ▼

* Just in case to reconfirm your reservation, please contact us the day before your reservation, or when you arrive Japan.
* We are sorry, but when we cannot get in touch with you, We are a possibility to cancel the reservation.
*We will offer you only "Menu de Noël" during 12/22 to 12/25.
*During this period, we will adopt two-part reservation system, which start from 17:30and 20:30.
Lunch ¥8,500(excluding tax and service charge.)
Dinner ¥20,000(excluding tax and service charge.)
*We will charge you 100% cancellation fee of your courses, if you do not notify us about your cancellation by 3 days before your schedule.
Enter date and time to check availability.
The explanation of marks
○:We have many vacancy seats
△:We have few vacancy seats
TEL:Please inquire in the phone
11:30 AM - △ ○ - ○ No availability ○
12:00 PM - △ ○ - ○ ○ ○
12:30 PM - △ ○ - ○ ○ ○
01:00 PM - △ ○ - ○ ○ ○