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  • TEL:03-6804-6468
  • Address:1-11-10 Biruma-sa.1F. Nishiazabu. Minato-ku. Tokyo. Japan

1Please choose date/time and number of persons.

【Please read before making your reservation①】
Thank you check at time of booking we can provide smooth to your food and service in our shop. Read the book, please.  

Only one course offered at our (lunch: ¥ 6.500, dinner: ¥ 12.500 all tax, another 10% service charge) next, so please.  

Regarding the period from 12/22 to 12/25, we will be offering (Xmas Lunch: ¥ 10.000, Xmas Dinner: ¥ 18.000, excluding consumption tax, 10% service charge).  

Allergies and cannot eat things, such as the details of all customers prior to inform. Changing the contents of the course on the day will be offered only one course is difficult.  

We will lunch 15:00 fully closed, dinner 23:30 fully closed.  

We propose the change based on availability, your designated time. Please be forewarned.  

On the day of reservation, please inquire by phone.  

※ Please call for parties of 7 guests or more.


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【Please read before making your reservation②】
Private room seating is available. (Private room seats available 2-4 persons only. )  

If you need to change or cancel the reservation, please contact us by the day before.   

If you need to change or cancel the reservation,please inquire in the telephone.  

Cancellation on the day of the cancellation fee will be meals (100%). Please be forewarned.
  This also applies to the Christmas course period from 12/22 to 12/25.

Reservations for children under 10 years old is basically prohibited.  

In terms of avoided to provide dishes according to your requirements, please give in detail.  
Example (1) 00 I the did fire, but I can't eat raw oysters eaten anything.
            (2)4 persons in 2 name shiitake is lame, but other mushrooms are eaten.

Following questions marked with a are input is needed.  
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※After you complete your reservation request, we will send you a confirmation email from @resebook.jp. If you don't receive your confirmation email in a timely manner, check your email program's junk mail folder. To avoid any issues/errors, set up @resebook.jp as an approved email sender in your email service.

All customers, including poor food and allergies?
In the previous question "Yes," Please give the details you selected.
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