【About online reservation】
・Reservation isn't completed only online it.
When we call for confirmation your reservation on the phone,your reservation is completed.We are sorry to cancel the reservation when we cannot get in touch with you within one week from an acceptance day of your web reservation.
・On 5 every month,you can reserve by online reservation form until the last day of month after next.
In case 5 is close,we renew it next open.
We start taking reservation 2month in advance from the first of the month.

Please call us about reservation on the day.
■Reception time
Lunch 0pm-3pm (Last call for order 1pm)
Dinner 6pm-11pm (Last call for order 8pm)
Enter date and time to check availability.
Ca sento
The explanation of marks ○ : We have many vacancy seats △ : We have a few vacancy seats TEL : Please inquire on the phone.
12:00 PM - No availability No availability - - - -
06:00 PM No availability No availability △ - △ △ No availability