Restaurant La cime

On-line reservation is acceptable for Maximum 6 people. As for the reservation for 1 person or more than 7 people, please call us directory.

You can make bookings to dine with us up to two months ahead. Should you have any food allergies or other specific request please let us know as precisely as possible, so that we will be able to adapt the menu to your needs.
Please note that La Cime dining room is unsuitable for babies and young children under 10 years old.

We do not set any specific dress code. However, we would ask our guests to avoid items such as shorts and flip-flops.

Please be kind not to take any pictures in the restaurant except for pictures of the meals, in order to avoid troubles with other guests.

If you would like to cancel the booking, please call us at latest one day before your reservation day, or a late cancellation fee will be charged.
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